1972 Spasski-Fischer Staunton Turnierschachfiguren Version 2 : Gewichtete schwarz gebeizten Reykjavik Schachfiguren aus veraltetem Buchsbaumholz – KH 95 mm

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part         height           Base diameter
king 95 mm 43 mm


78 mm  40 mm


71 mm  37 mm


65 mm 37 mm


56 mm 37 mm


48 mm 31 mm

Total weight figures

1130 grams

Dark wood

stained boxwood 

Pale wood

outdated boxwood

Recommended chess field size

55 - 60 mm 


Design - development quality and process

The figures have strong billiard cloth pads on the underside to protect the board. The felt pad enables comfortable pulling and placing without scratching the chessboard. The craftsmen do it themselves by hand and therefore the process is very detailed and takes a lot of time. These beautifully designed chess pieces are hand carved from boxwood . The classic chess pieces are beautifully polished with a buffing wheel. The beautiful look, the wonderful handle underline the noble appearance that these chess pieces radiate. We take care of every single detail. With the help of our highly experienced craftsmen, we can achieve the first-class finish.

Why Spasski and Fischer Reykjavik Staunton tournament chess pieces series: Stained Reykjavik chess pieces?

The Spasski and Fischer  World Chess Championship 1972 in Reyjavik is considered the match of the century . The city ​​of Reykjavík has sponsored the tournament since its inception in 1964 . In 1972 Boris Spasski and Bobby Fischer fought for the crown in chess. The duel made the sport popular worldwide - and Nerd Fischer a superstar . The game was historic. The Staunton figures are chess pieces of a certain shape, which are named after the British chess master Howard Staunton   . These chess pieces were made by the companyJohn Jacques and son produced for the first time in London in 1849. Subsequently, they developed into the standard figure set prevailing worldwide today. Because of their elegant, classicistic shape, the Staunton figures quickly became popular. The black figures are stained black . A Reykjavik Staunton tournament chess piece series is definitely an extraordinary dream for the chess collector. The Reyjavik chess pieces are suitable as noble tournament chess pieces as well as for private use, but are also a very popular gift.

New antique finish process: The new antique finish is achieved through an innovative four-step color and rotation polishing process for a uniform finish. This new antique finish even prevents cracks and crevices.

With this offer you get the chess pieces without board and wooden box.

Of course we don't want to withhold anything from you! If you are looking for a matching chess board and a figure box made of wood, it is best to look  around in the categories  chess boards  and  storage .

Disclaimer:  The color of the goods may differ photographically or from the settings of your monitor.

Warning:  the chess pieces are neither waterproof nor UV resistant.

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