First Moves : How to Start a Chess Game
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First Moves : How to Start a Chess Game

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    First Moves: How to Start a Chess Game
David Pritchard
          Publisher                     Goodwill Publishing House
     Publishing Year                                        2012
    Number of Pages    128
Language     English
Size     8.5" x 5.5"
Weight    160 grams (5.64 oz)

About Chess Book

How To Start a chess Game

First Moves is an opening primer for the complete novice. It offers clear, simple advice on how to start a game of chess playing either as White or Black. It is a book to be read, not studied. When both sides are locked in combat, it is easy to find plans. But at the beginning, signposts are few. Why move one man instead of another? First Moves will help you make the right decisions, improve your game and get you thinking straight. First Moves assumes no more than a knowledge of the rules of chess. It ends where other opening books begin. About The Author David Pritch and is the author of the standard beginner's chess book Right Way To Play Chess and Begin Chess, whose combined sales in the English language exceed half a million copies.


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