Learn from Garry Kasparov's Greatest Games
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Learn from Garry Kasparov's Greatest Games

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  Learn from Garry Kasparov's Greatest Games
Eric Schiller
          Publisher                     Goodwill Publishing House
     Publishing Year                                        2012
    Number of Pages  240
Language     English
Size 9.5" x 6.25"
Weight 380 grams (13.40 oz)

About Chess Book

This book tells that Garry Kasparov has held the number one position in chess for almost twenty years. He is considered the greatest player of all time. Now, beginning and intermediate players - 90% of the chess playing audience - can benefit from his wisdom. Packed with diagrams and easy-to-understand pointers showing what Kasparov was thinking and how players can apply these concepts and strategies to their own games, this great learning tool borrows from the grace and power of Kasparov's greatest games.


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