Pick of the Best Chess Problems
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Pick of the Best Chess Problems

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          Pick of the Best Chess Problems
B.P. Barnes
          Publisher                     Goodwill Publishing House
     Publishing Year                                        2012
    Number of Pages    160
Language     English
Size     8.5" x 5.5"
Weight  200 grams (7.05 oz)

About Chess Book

These problems obey explicitly the rules of chess and, if you know the moves of the pieces, solving them will be well within your capabilities. That is not to say they are easy to solve - they vary. The pleasure of problem chess lies not in the difficulty of solution, but in an appreciation of how white wins. There are no dull draws here, only exciting mate finishes! The author, Barry Barnes, is an international Master and Judge of the FIDE for Chess Composition, its ex-Ist Vice president and Honorary Life Member. He edited the two-move problems in the specialist magazine "The Problemist" for 26 years.


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